b.change| be the change you want to see in the world

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hello, we are Kimberly, Lilly & Avery Black & together we are A Little Black Closet, a mom & 2 daughters combining our love of fashion with a cause in the oldest city, Saint Augustine, Florida.

we are BARRI handbag representatives where 10% of each sale is donated to Operation Underground Railroad , a non-profit organization that helps save children from sex trafficking.

i’m an ABOLITIONIST because………

my daughter’s matter. as do ALL the children of the world. EVERY child deserves to be FREE & LOVED!


find out 5 ways that you can help end human trafficking here.


photo credit: jana knox vallone during

Saint Augustine Fashion Week

you can also carry freedom by purchasing a bag from us here.

buy a bag. help save a child.

how will you #CARRYFREEDOM?