#thehappylittlecloset challenge

Are you up for the challenge?

The goal of this challenge is to simplify your closet each season (3 months) to a 20 piece capsule wardrobe that can be worn easily, is mixable and each piece makes you feel HAPPY & confident.

During the duration of each challenge we will share tips on how to curate your signature style so that you will be able to build your dream HAPPY LITTLE CLOSET that matches it for each season.

Some of the things you will learn:

– Color palettes – Patterns & statement pieces – Silhouettes – Outfit formulas – Styling tricks – How to shop smarter

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Why do a capsule wardrobe?

  • For simplicity
  • Trying to figure out your style
  • To be creative
  • Perfect for travel

Step #1 – Order a FREE thredUP clean out bag (sometimes they are backed up and you have to wait for a bag) & *possibly be paid for your items OR determine where you would like your items from your NO pile to be donated to.

• If you choose to go with the thredUP route and you are NEW to thredUP here is a referral link from us to use – Click here.
– When you use this link to register you will be given $10 to use on your FIRST ORDER.
– After you register or if you have used thredUP before you can then request a FREE clean out bag.
– Choose which option is best for you.
*Keep in mind there is a processing time for each bag & we can’t guarantee you will be paid for your items*

• If you choose to donate locally that’s great!
We alternate between donating to our favorite local organizations & thredUP.

Step #2 – Closet Clean Out
This is where you take EVERYTHING out of your closet & drawers and lay it ALL on your bed. *This is the perfect time to take a BEFORE picture!
*Items NOT INCLUDED: undergarments, sleep, workout, lounge, jackets, swim & special occasion.

Discard & sort FIRST, store later.
• This is where you start your NO, MAYBE & YES piles.
– During this time try not to take too much time on each item.
Letting go is even more important than adding.

• Once you are done and have all 3 of your piles you will begin with packing up your No pile.
– This is where if you are doing thredUP & you have your clean out bag you pack it up and can either leave it for your mailman to pick up or you can take it to the post office to ship. It’s FREE! (If you chose to do expedited you will be charged and it will come out of your payout for your clothes) *Again keep in mind there is a processing time for each bag & we can’t guarantee you will be paid for your items*
– If you don’t have your bag yet just put the items somewhere out of the way and once you get your bag you can complete.
– If you are donating to a local organization or cause make sure to drop off and complete in a timely fashion.

• Now you move on to your MAYBE pile.
– This is where you box up or place in a bin your items and store it somewhere and you can’t get into them during the 3 months.
– At the end of the 3 months if you haven’t thought about them they will move on to your NO pile for the next round. *Make sure to order another clean out bag from thredUP*
– If you aren’t ready to part with them you can sort through them again moving items to the YES pile if you truly missed it and it makes you HAPPY, but remember the goal is to slowly downsize your closet.

There are only two reasons why we can’t let something go: an attachment to the past or a fear for the future.

Step #3 – This is the fun part! The capsule wardrobe.
• From your YES pile you create your 20 piece capsule wardrobe.
– When choosing your pieces make sure they make you HAPPY.
– Try to pick pieces that work well with one another, so you can create multiple looks.
– You are only choosing your everyday clothes. Items not included are: undergarments, sleep, workout, lounge, jackets, swim & special occasion.
– Make sure to keep the season in mind. You might have to have pieces to layer.
– Now is the time to decide if you want to buy any new pieces, because one of the rules are: NO BUYING NEW CLOTHES DURING THE CHALLENGE. This is where if you have a thredUP credit you can use that to purchase your items or plan a fun shopping trip! Make sure to make a list of what items you want to get that you will get the best use out of.

• Once you have your 20 piece capsule created lay them on your bed & take a AFTER photo and then hang them ALL up in your closet so you can see EVERYTHING you have each day. Having nice hangers makes this even more fun! 

• Now comes the hard part of packing up what is left from your YES pile.
– Remember this isn’t forever, you will go through these again when it’s time to create your new capsule wardrobe or if needed when something gets damaged or the weather changes drastically. *When this happens it’s the one in, one out rule & try not to make a habit of this.
– Store items from the same season together. Clear bins are best, so you can see what is in them. Make sure to store EVERYTHING out of sight.




THE RULES                  

Sharing some of my favorite outfits from my very first capsule wardrobe challenge using the 20 pieces shown and yes, I know I have a handbag problem, that is why we sell BARRI Handbags! Lol!